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Program Introduction

For people who love to travel to know how to use the words during traveling. Order the meals and shop in the mall easily in English. From the itinerary planning, hotel booking to airport custom, you can also talk in English easily and make your travel full of enjoyable memories.

About the Program

  • Suggested Course: 30 - 90 classes
  • Course Type: 1 on 1, 4-6 group class
  • Level: Basic, Intermediate
  • Suggested Student Ranking: Level 2-7
  • Suitable for:
    1. With basic English ability
    2. People who travel or have business trip frequently
    3. People who wants to build up a global vision,
    understand the culture of different countries
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You can learn

・Travel related common words and conversation
・Dialog simulation. EX: Entry in the airport, take a taxi, hotel check-in…etc
・Accidents handling simulation. EX: Ask for directions, go to a doctor, find and lost…etc

Competencies to be enhanced

Travel English

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