English ability x Workplace internship
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Program Introduction

Tour Guide English Program is designed for the employees in tourist industry. This program includes lots of dialogue simulation exercises, listening training for accents of different countries. Internship is also included in this program. You can be 1 step closer to the dream career!

About the Program

  • Suggested Course: 30 - 60 classes
  • Course Type: 4-6 group class
  • Level: Intermediate, Upper-intermediate
  • Suggested Student Ranking: Level 5-8
  • Suitable for:
    1. People who are interested to join tourism industry
    2. People in the tourism industry who wants to improve their English expressive skills
    3. People who want to obtain the tour leader or tour guide certificate.
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You can learn

・How to use marketing tools, analysis method like SWOT、PESTEL、Five Forces
・Terms of advertising, chart presentation, quoted price and inquiry, negotiations.
・Increase the vocabulary for business English certification exams significantly

Competencies to be enhanced


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Apply for 50 free Trial Classes

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