Kids English Conversation

Graphical teaching,
the rudimentary knowledge course of kids!

Program Introduction

Use 26 letters A-Z flash cards, songs and stories to build up the basic knowledge. Help kids to build up the vocabulary by graphical teaching, learn the native pronunciation rules, start the beginning of daily English conversation.

About the Program

  • Suggested Course: 30 - 120 classes
  • Course Type: 1 on 1, 4-6 group class
  • Level: Beginner, Basic
  • Suggested Student Ranking: Level 0-3
  • Suitable for:
    1. 7-15 year-old students who are capible to take classes independently
    2. People who wants to improve speaking and listening ability.
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Apply for free Trial Now

You can learn

・Basic living conversation in listening and speaking.
・Basic grammar and vocabulary (about 800 words)
・Build up the confidence and passion of interacting in English.

Competencies to be enhanced


Start building your own
Online English center for your students!

Apply for 50 free Trial Classes
Apply for 50 free Trial Classes

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