Dig deeper into the financial English professional field
Stand on the top of international financial industry!

Program Introduction

This short-term professional English training program is designed for students, business person or financial accounting related employees.

This program covers currencies, financial markets and institutions, foreign exchange markets and mechanisms, futures, financial statements, taxation and cross-border trade…etc.

You could build deeper understanding of financial knowledge while learning financial English. Flexible English communication ability makes you more competitive and stand on the top of international financial industry!

About the Program

  • Suggested Course: 30 - 60 classes
  • Course Type: 4-6 group class
  • Level: Upper-intermediate
  • Suggested Student Ranking: Level 7-9
  • Suitable for:
    1. People who wants to learn banking financial English
    2. Employees in financial industry
    3. People who want to work abroad in financial industry
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Apply for free Trial Now

You can learn

・High-level financial dialogue. EX: Loan, transfer and exchange, fund investment…etc.
・Enhance business English writing ability
・Professional financial knowledge and current event analysis

Competencies to be enhanced


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Apply for 50 free Trial Classes

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