Daily English Conversation

Strengthen Speaking and Listening,
Break the Wall of International Communication!

Program Introduction

By discussing the frequent topics in daily life, ex: shopping, transportations, ask directions..etc to enhance the speaking and listening ability. By general talking to a harder conversation, communicating with foreigners will never be a problem with you anymore!

About the Program

  • Suggested Course: 30 - 120 courses
  • Course Type: 1 on 1, 4-6 group class
  • Level: Beginner, Basic, Intermediate
  • Suggested Student Ranking: Level 1-5
  • Suitable for:
    1. Poor at Speaking
    2. Poor at Listening
    3. People who wants to enhance English social ability
    4. People who are going to travel or stay abroad for a period
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Apply for free Trial

You can learn

・Daily conversation skills
・International communication and social skills
・Have a deep conversation in social occasions.

Competencies to be enhanced

Daily English Conversation

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Apply for 50 Free Trial Classes

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