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Winning English School

Winning English School is established in 2015. We provide students who are from different nations like Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Brazilian, Russian…etc a chance to learn “Lingua Franca”. We understand that the best benefit of learning English is be able to search the knowledges in the world, to think in many different ways, and to understand the informations clearly.

Winning+ is Born

However, the global digital generation has come. Finding where is the knowledge is way important than understanding the knowledge itself. The core is to develop students’ “”System Thinking”” ability. Students can find the information immediately to solve the problem in English, futher more, to propose an excellent, overall solving plan is our main target.
Therefore, Winning Plus is born!


Winning+ Global Professionals Training Platform

O2O Online+Offline English Teaching is combined with professional ability is the main core. We anticipate to be the hub of being in line with international standard, cultural exchange, inspiration of education, career development..etc.
Meanwhile, bilingual world is our target in 2030. We collaborated with different sources and apply them in the upgrade industries in the future.
Choose Winning+ to let the job find you!

MMS 贏家金三角

Wholeness 整體性

Wholeness 整體性

Winning Plus 主張英語學習的整體性, 以主題討論為核心,強調邏輯思維訓練, 主張語言輸入(聽、讀)20%, 輸出(說、寫)80%, 幫助學生從學英語轉變為用英語!

Connection 連結性

Connection 連結性

Winning+不僅僅是提升學員英語力, 我們舉辦國際文化體驗營與開發海外工作職缺, 幫助學員培養跨文化交際與接觸國際職場, 落實「Next+1」的理念。

Possibility 潛在性

Possibility 潛在性

因應國際化與網路化趨勢, Winning+開發各種專業英語課程, 幫助學生用英語學習您的專業, 並提供專業領域的工作實習機會, 一步步累積職場軟實力!

6 Reasons to Choose Winning Plus

> Learn English,
also learn how to use it!

O2O learning:
Online and Offline learning

Combing Online learning and Offline camp.
Online learning is not limited by the space and area,
strengthen the base of English ability.
Offline learning is to experience
and communite worldwide, use it in reality.
Learn English, also learn how to use it!

> The First English Professional Skill Program

Winning+ English Professional Skill Program

Winning+ customizes the training program
for companies and individuals.
EX: Hotel, IT, Financial, Digital Marketing..etc.
Learn your profession in English,
obtain the professional skill
and English simultaneously!

> Individual Digital Learning Record System

Individual Digital Learning Record System

The digital learning record system of Winning+, can record the history of learning completely.
Companies and students can
track the latest performance and progress easily.

> Become a Hot International Professional

Professional career
development planning

Winning+ Professional English course
with professional career planning service.
You will be a hot international professional!

> The strongest backing
of enterprise professional training

Winning+ enterprise training program

By the Systematic Thinking Education,
professional lecturers and materials from Winning+, you can gain the English ability and professional knowledges, but also gain soft power while training!

> The Strongest Lecturer Team

The Strongest Lecturer Team

We switch the language school
into online mode! Winning+ Lecturer Team
is organized by Winning English School Teachers.
Every teacher has
English Education Majored background.
They can teach in native
American English professionally!

Start building your own
Online English center for your students!

Get 50 Free Trial Classes
Get 50 Free Trial Classes

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