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English Communication Ability Training

Winning+ cooperates with the learning organizations from different countries, holds international culture camp, offers overseas jobs..etc. Our target is to help all students to obtain cross-country communication ability and epxerience the international workplaces!

Cross-disciplinary Professional Training

Winning+ develops cross-disciplinary English and professional programs which are collaborated with professional lecturers. Winning+ also offers internships in professional fields to enhance your professional competence!

Building Complex Problem Solving Ability

Winning+ provides “Systematic Thinking Training” with Online + Offline Program. Students can not only understand English, but also “use” English! The problem solving ability in comprehensive situation is also enhanced simultaneously

Systems thinking Education

Cross-Disciplinary Program.
Online to Offline Multi-Way Education

Winning+ combines English and Professional skill learning. Develops "Online to Offline" teaching system which provides service, finance, business, digital information...etc.

Visual Thinking
Logical Building

All courses are made with “Visual Thinking Tools”
including Mind Mapping, Data Driven,
Serial and Parallel Prototyping..etc.
All the knowledges and courses are analyzed
comprehensively and visualized. Students could
input and output the data into the brain in a
creative and logical way, increase the memory to
reach the goal of high efficiency learning!

Problem-Based Learning

"Trigger the students to think through solving a problem or situation, set the goal of learning, and design programs, missions for students to practice. Students could transfer the abstract knowledges into real communication, teamwork and problem solving abilities, and gain ""sensible"" achievement!"

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Winning+ Featured Programs

Conference English

Hotel Management English

Marketing English

Financial English

News English

Travel English

IT Engineering English

More professional English
Programs are developing!

Reviews from Students



I’ve tried some English Online programs. The course is usually around 25 minutes, it ends right after I just get involved! I think it is really too rush. But in Winning+, it is 50 minutes per course. Comparing with others, the content in Winning+ is more imformative. The lecturer can finish a complete unit in 1 course. The ranking is also very accurate, by the ranking system, I can easily know my English level.
I like my lecturer very much. Although the lecturer’s accent is a bit different from us, but the lecturer always encourages me and make me feel more confident, which is more important for me! I have more interest in learning English now~


I’ve been in Cebu language for 3 months because I thought that Online course is less-efficiency than face-to-face teaching. But after trying Online course, there is no big difference from face-to-face teaching. The schedule and place of online course is also not limited.
Winning+ Online Program schedule is flexible. As an office worker, it is more convenient for me to arrange my schedule, highly recommended! It is never too late to learn English, you can learn English no matter you’re at home, in the office or in cafe. Stop finding excuses like you have to relax on holidays, too late to go to English school due to overtime, no annual leave to study abroad..etc. Learning is also a way to add more fun in the boring working life!


In career, everyone wants to get an ideal job, great salary! But when it comes to improving self ability, we always hesitate to step out. But fortunately, Winning+ makes me to find more time to learn English during my nine-to-five office job and enhance my English ability.

I do love my lecturer, Teacher Cang, who is patient and friendly. I was worried about speaking, after her guidance, I do not have any fear of speaking in English, and I can communicate in English fluently!


As a office lady, the time after off work is the only time to calm and develop a habit or improving ourselves. Winning+ Online Program makes me start to learn English again. 50 minutes taking with teacher in English per day recalls my language intuition. The business and professional programs also improve my abilities of working. I won’t be panic while contacting foreign partners anymore! (I might have a chance to work abroad)

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